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Custom Screen Printing Service
Thermal Transfer Printing
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Mae Mae offers custom screen printing on many products, including labels, stickers, hang tag, shopping bag and so on.
Screen printing is one of the most elaborate methods of printing. Although it is an old process of printing, there have been many new innovations and improvements in the last decades. The advantages of screen printing are environmentally friendly and extremely high quality water based. Therefore, having your products being screen printed will do some good to your business and the environment.

In today's business, custom printing symbolizes the originality of custom's creativity, and screen printing is one of most custom printing methods; therefore, the custom printing supplied by Mae Mae should be more meticulous to meet what exactly customers need. In terms of custom screen printing service, Mae Mae has confidence to make evry custom screen printing works flawless and being tallied with customers.
Mae Mae emphasizes and guarantees that custom screen printing that Mae Mae provided must be in accordance with what customers require.
With the new processes and advancements in screen printing, we are all in contact with screen printed products everyday, everywhere. Such as containers for cosmetics, food, and industrial products, billboards, T-shirts, tickers etc. To make your own words or images on your products, you need custom screen printing. See custom screen printing products ...

Termal Transfer Label
Hang Tag
Color Box
Shopping Bag

The following links are the finished prodcuts of labels and printing.